Creation of Émotion, a European alternative for film projects that have difficulties finding 100% of their budget with the American majors


February, Quinta Communications acquires Ex Machina, French photochemical laboratories

June, acquires a stake in the French group LTC, which also prints copies

Re-starts his studios in Tunisia in the region of Hammamet, 60 kilometers from Tunis

Becomes reference shareholder of the leading Italian fiction company, Lux Vide

Femme Fatale by Brian de Palma

Mafia Love by Martyn Burke

Ballistic : Ecks vs Sever by Wych Kaosayananda


Quinta acquires Duran Duboi, French group specialized in digital technologies

He becomes member of the executive board of Mediobanca, one of the largest Italian banks, of which Vincent Bolloré and his associates hold 10%


February, launch of Quinta Distribution

Distribution of The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson

Quinta agreement with Technicolor and Thomson

Acquisition of seven television channels in Italy with TF1: Dfree, a TNT platform


Tarak Ben Ammar becomes a partner, with an investment of € 30 million (equal to TF1), of the American producers the Weinstein brothers (ex-Miramax)


Opens a laboratory in Tunisia, a postproduction center: LTC-Gammart

Chromophobia by Martha Fiennes


Acquires Eagle, the leading independent Italian distributor

December, acquires Éclair studios, French photochemical and digital laboratories

Hannibal Rising by Peter Webber

The last legion by Doug Lefler


In February, at the Berlin Film Festival, announces his new European-wide film distribution strategy, in partnership with the bank Goldman Sachs

In Italy, launches a digital pay-channel bouquet with Warner, Universal and Mediaset

In Spring, filming of the new film from Giuseppe Tornatore, Baaria

Medieval Pie by David Leland